Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Well the summer events at Berkeley Castle have been well and truly scuppered. The Concerts were cancelled when the company providing them went into liquidation (some sort of weird joke in there) because of the rain.

Because the Meadow was waterlogged we couldn't hold the Tuffley Dog Show and we had to cancel JOUST at the last moment because of the flash flood we suffered - along with the whole of Gloucestershire.

We've been lucky that we haven't suffered an injury but it is frustrating we aren't able to offer our customers the events they were looking forward to.

We're now trying to assess the damage to the meadow, but we'll need to wait for the water to completely subside and there is an awful lot of sewage etc that the floods have brought in.

Should make an interesting autumn and winter anyway, trying to generate income for teh Charitable Trust to keep the CAstle going through the winter......


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