Monday, 20 February 2012

All Change Please!

The way we all now promote our businesses has changed – Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing are here to stay, along with all the other possible channels.

With the increasing use of Social Media everything has changed. An online community of Twitter and/or Facebook users can make or break your business with their comments via PC’s, SmartPhones or Tablets. Your company or service may be getting hundreds or thousands of good or bad reviews on sites like Trip Advisor or Foursquare: your reputation is at stake and can be ruined so easily (remember the recent YouTube video of Road Rage in Bath?).

Businesses must have social media management – someone needs to be monitoring your online presence and creating a social media or digital marketing strategy that will help to build a positive presence and increase your customer base too.

Although there are many who still dismiss the idea of using social media as a "fad", "not worth it" or “just for the young” (whatever that means) note that as far back as 2010, Pepsi pulled out of advertising at America’s Superbowl after 23 years, instead focusing on Social Media. The phenomenal growth of Social Media whether texting, blogging, or networking has, or should have, the attention of every major company. Social Media Management has become an essential component in today’s business.

Social Media/Digital Marketing must be approached very differently from the more traditional marketing methods. You are not selling your business; you are instead creating relationships through communities. If people feel you are part of their community, they will support you and recommend you to their friends. It is word-of-mouth marketing and we all know that that is the very best form to have.

The mistake made most often, is to jump in feet first and blast away on various social media sites convincing yourself that you have achieved something, but the shotgun approach will only achieve results very slowly, if at all. Make sure that you understand what you are using, how to use it and why.

So, make a change - then you’ll see some great results, meet some fascinating people and importantly improve your business!

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Beyer-Garratt No 87 pulls onto The Cob

Beyer-Garratt No 87 pulls onto The Cob
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A Sepia Picture of a Beyer Garratt loco moving off the Welsh Highland Railway and onto The Ffestiniog Railway

Friday, 17 February 2012

Why I'm Going Out with a Fundraiser

Why I'm Going Out with a Fundraiser
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Having someone special looking after your best interests is great, especially when they understand one's passion for something else......


Friday, 10 February 2012

Heritage Places Where I've Worked

VAQAS Award for the Edward Jenner MuseumBerkeley Ghosts: The ChantryBerkeley Castle's Norman KeepMerddin Emrys approaches Boston Lodge HaltThe TrapdoorBeyer Garratt 138 at Caernarfon Station
Industrial Decay: SepiaThe Link LineWelsh Pony : SmokeboxWelsh PonyRailway DebrisIndustrial Decay
Pullman Coach on the Welsh Highland Link LineBeyer Garratt No 87 heading to CaernarfonPorthmadog's Cross Town Link: WHRWhat's Right donate £2,000 to the Rainbow CentreWhat's Right donate £2,000 to the Rainbow CentreWhat's Right donate £2,000 to the Rainbow Centre
The Restored Temple of VacciniaThe Old Cyder HouseHow real do you want it.....?Attic Room: The ChantryThe Restored Leaded Lights of the Temple of VacciniaThe Attic

I've been lucky working with Copper Phoenix to be involved in lots of heritage as a heritage marketing consultant. Here is a collection of pictures showcasing some of them.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

C The World

Castle from the Meadow with FrostThe S Curves at Rhyd DduThe Lion Mound at Waterloo221 - 20110708 - IMG_1215 (60D)214 - 20110708 - IMG_1179 (60D)209 - 20110708 - IMG_1148 (60D)
Snow outside the Wishing WellMontgomery Street, EagleshamSeries 1 Land Rover, LacockGibraltar Napoleonic DefencesMillennium Square, BristolBahrain-32
Bahrain-27Bahrain-11Bahrain-4Bahrain-121.jpgBahrain-18Lacock "Smiley" Face
Duplex Drive "Swimming" Sherman Tank, Slapton Sands, Devon 2Menin Gate Memorial RoofLongtown Castle, HerefordshireKilpeck Church: GorbelsKilpeck Church: Sheela Na Gig"Murder Holes" - Chepstow Castle

C The World, a group on Flickr.

A look at pictures from C The World customer travels - in the UK and abroad.



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