Monday, 10 September 2007

Summer is Over - But it seems to have finally arrived

Here in Berkeley we've had a tough summer, like many parts of Gloucestershire lots of flooding and wet weather has caused huge problems for businesses. We got away with it relatively well but as a charitable trust, Berkley Castle has suffered from the lack of income, notably the loss of the concerts and JOUST. But as the calendar says summer is over we're getting lots of sun and warm weather! Aaarrgghh!!! Just too late for the year to be saved.

On a more positive note (with reference to the picture above!) our Ghost Tours with Richard Felix look like they may sell out for next week and we still have the Edward II play to look forward to. So we can get some more people in hopefully. Where is the skull? In Edward II's Cell, where he was murdered........

Events for next year need to be planned now - this is the busiest time for tourist attractions: not sure when I fit in my 6 weeks leave I'm due to take before the end of December!


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