Monday, 16 January 2012

Looking for Ghosts in Berkeley

Have you ever wanted to take part in an overnight investigation into the paranormal? Looking for ghosts, spirits and the unexpected in an atmospheric historic setting? Would you rather do it with a group of people rather than on your own?

Why not join an event for the public looking for Ghosts in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, taking place in a 400 year old building? The evening will have both historians and mediums attending that between them will help to interpret what can be seen and possibly some of what can’t!

The building is the historic house called “The Chantry” – a 400 year old building on a site with history dating back to prehistoric times. It will be hosting a second paranormal investigation on Saturday 28th January after the last successful sell out event in November. As before the evening will start at 8pm and go through until 2am, well beyond the witching hour, commencing with a history tour of the grounds and buildings before teaming up with the mediums who will attempt to interpret any messages that come through, while various paranormal experiments will be set up in rooms not accessible to the tours.

Both staff and visitors to The Chantry, which currently houses the museum dedicated to Dr Edward Jenner, have experienced several unexplained events and potentially paranormal activity, adding to the many stories about the building in folklore and from past occupants.

The evening is being run and hosted by Copper Phoenix, a heritage consultancy company. Managing Director Tim Davies said: After November’s investigation we had many people who wanted to come back again plus a waiting list. Some fascinating occurrences happened last time; we can’t wait to see if they are repeated!

 The history of the site encompasses Roman occupation, an Anglo-Saxon nunnery that was burned down, the Normans and a Civil War Battlefield, so there is plenty of potential for restless spirits.

Sarah Parker, the Museum Director said: As a science museum we always keep an open mind about the existence of ghosts, we’re very aware of the stories attached to the building and results from past investigations – definitely worth investigatingfurther.

Tickets cost £30 for the evening and more information can be found on the museum website, www.jennermuseum.com  , calling 01453 810631 or emailing info@edwardjenner.co.uk . Attendees must be over 18.

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kilpeck Church

Kilpeck Church
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Kilpeck Church, the parish Church of St Mary and St David. Probably completed between 1130 and 1145, all the carvings are original, not recut or restored in any way.


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