Monday, 29 November 2010

A Satisfied Customer!

Dear Tim,
I wanted to say how much I have appreciated your assistance and professionalism in drastically increasing my understanding of social media and technological marketing.

I am, I thought, a complete geek and I thought I was able to teach myself most of the stuff necessary to increase my online presence. However, where I have been unable to gain a complete understanding, your advice and help had led to my realization that in fact I am a terrible self-teacher and I should leave it to the professionals. Following our most recent newsletter training session, hits to my site doubled within 8 hours and on my Flickr gallery, where my daily average is between 30 and 50 hits, I topped out at 394 yesterday at 9:15pm.

I had seen smaller spikes before but nothing on this scale and I have no doubt it is a direct result of your help and training - and this of course is closely watched daily and we’ll have to organise another session to track the next stage.

I would not only recommend but urge anyone I know to you for your remarkably in depth and varied knowledge of how to increase visibility, online or otherwise.

Yours sincerely
Rupert Marlow

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Monday, 15 November 2010

If World War One Was a Pub Fight

This is a light hearted but surprisingly true take on the causes and outcome of WW1. My Thanks to Steve Bolt for passing it to me!
Germany, Austria and Italy are standing together in the middle of a pub when Serbia bumps into Austria and spills Austria’s pint.

Austria demands Serbia buy it a complete new suit because there are splashes on its trouser leg.

Germany expresses its support for Austria’s point of view.

Britain recommends that everyone calm down a bit.

Serbia points out that it can’t afford a whole suit, but offers to pay for the cleaning of Austria’s trousers.

Russia and Serbia look at Austria.

Austria asks Serbia who it’s looking at.

Russia suggests that Austria should leave its little brother alone.

Austria inquires as to whose army will assist Russia in compelling it to do so.

Germany appeals to Britain that France has been looking at it, and that this is sufficiently out of order that Britain should not intervene.

Britain replies that France can look at who it wants to, that Britain is looking at Germany too, and what is Germany going to do about it?

Germany tells Russia to stop looking at Austria, or Germany will render Russia incapable of such action.

Britain and France ask Germany whether it’s looking at Belgium.

Turkey and Germany go off into a corner and whisper. When they come back, Turkey makes a show of not looking at anyone.

Germany rolls up its sleeves, looks at France, and punches Belgium.

France and Britain punch Germany. Austria punches Russia. Germany punches Britain and France with one hand and Russia with the other.

Russia throws a punch at Germany, but misses and nearly falls over. Japan calls over from the other side of the room that it’s on Britain’s side, but stays there. Italy surprises everyone by punching Austria.

Australia punches Turkey, and gets punched back. There are no hard feelings because Britain made Australia do it.

France gets thrown through a plate glass window, but gets back up and carries on fighting. Russia gets thrown through another one, gets knocked out, suffers brain damage, and wakes up with a complete personality change.

Italy throws a punch at Austria and misses, but Austria falls over anyway. Italy raises both fists in the air and runs round the room chanting.

America waits till Germany is about to fall over from sustained punching from Britain and France, then walks over and smashes it with a bar stool, then pretends it won the fight all by itself.

By now all the chairs are broken and the big mirror over the bar is shattered. Britain, France and America agree that Germany threw the first punch, so the whole thing is Germany’s fault . While Germany is still unconscious, they go through its pockets, steal its wallet, and buy drinks for all their friends.

Posted via email from Copper Phoenix's posterous


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