Monday, 11 June 2007

Working in a Norman Castle

What do I do I hear people cry as they yawn over the blog. I work at Berkeley Castle, in Gloucestershire as the Marketing Manager, for the Berkeley Family.

It is a Norman Marcher Castle (the Keep was started in late 12th Century) built midway between Bristol and Gloucester: the purpose was to keep the invading Welsh out as the River Severn is just a mile away. I have Welsh roots and I felt compelled to admit this at interview, but luckily it was not held against me and I have not, so far, been seen as a Fifth Columnist.

The survival of the Castle and the Berkeleys who built it over 24 generations ago is fascinating and working for an historic Estate which deals with issues for the next 100 years, rather than the usual 5 year business plan is also different - and very rewarding.

Working in the country and not being snarled in commuter traffic has major benefits too.

Better get back to organising the events, despite the gloomy weather forecast.

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