Friday, 3 July 2009

Christ Church and Downend Cricket Ground: Britannia Crash

Christ Church and Downend Cricket Ground: Brittania Crash
Originally uploaded by TMR Davies

I used to think nothing ever important happened where lived, until I heard the story of the Britannia aircraft crash in 1957, the actual crash site is in woods just a few minutes walk from my home. The jet clipped the church pictured above before crashing a few hundred yards away, amazingly not on any houses. It could have been so different. It made world headlines and the event was commemorated by a plinth and small service in 2007.

The picture was taken on a sunny evening with cricket being played. So quiet and peaceful. How many were aware of what had happened here over 50 years ago? Until the crash Downend was best known for being the birthplace of Victorian cricketer W G Grace, who played on this small cricket ground.

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